We Welcome a New Member to Our Team

Posted by Adam on 9/29/2017
Join us in welcoming our newest therapist, Kyla Super (ASW78904). Kyla is an associate social worker who will be working under the direct supervision of Dr. Stephen Diggs. She brings her own unique…

I had no idea

Posted by Tashanne on 9/19/2017
Ta'Shanne describes the changes and challenges she has faced both personally and professionally when she first started working at Nysa Therapy.

Nysa for Master's level therapists (video)

Posted by NYSA on 9/13/2017
Dr. Stephen Diggs discusses the important work done by LCSW, MFT, and LPCC in treating personality disorders.

Welcome to Nysa (video)

Posted by NYSA on 9/13/2017
In this video, Dr. Stephen Diggs provides a short explanation about the work we are doing here at Nysa and briefly explains the importance of working to treat personality disorders.
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